Descrow-Medium. Money or decoy: how will DES make cryptomarket trustworthy again?

The quantity of cryptocurrency in the world increases every day. The reason is introduction of the tokens from blockchain projects which have successfully closed ICO. And this conveyor isn’t going to stop(at least in the near future). As a result the cryptocurrency market becomes oversaturated with product of a questionable quality. Here there are not only standard reference Bitcoin and its altcoins, but also cryptocurrencies of a new type as Epherium, as well as unfamiliar tokens.

There is a quite natural question whether cryptocurrencies are a sort of decoy, “hype”, a peculiar fashion which has promptly appeared and will also quickly sink into history? Investment funds one by one repeat that it is a “bubble”, but they could also be understood — cryptocurrency is the future of fintech, and investment funds are its past. Therefore conservatives try to dampen interest to the cryptocurrency with such declarations, otherwise they will be on the shelf.

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