CryCash-FB. CryCash brings cybersport to the new level: would you like to be part of the revolution of gamers?

We are constantly hearing about the multimillion transfers in the soccer industry, but very few people know that these traditions have also reached cybersport. The price of this question is very high, for example, the Chinese gamer Jean Ning has changed the Newbee team for LGD only for $320 thousand. It’s not even his worst game. However not each gamer can achieve such recognition. It is difficult to become a professional in this sphere. It requires to win at tournaments with an extremely high contribution and devilishly difficult rules, and for ordinary players, it is actually impossible.

We remove these artificial barriers, giving the chance to less rating players to create the communities in our Ecosystem. CRYCASH includes CyberSport Platform due to which players will be able to organize tournaments independently, or will have to compete with each other for the prize fund in CRYCASH tokens. The fund can be formed of their payments or for sponsor’s money.

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