About us

We are a group of freelancers who helps out blockchain industry customers with texts, visual content or white paper localization. To media: do you need an article or interview about your project? We can give a hand: “native PR” is mainstream. You have a group or channel in Medium/Telegram/Facebook etc.? We work with that too.

More about us
We are the team of freelancers with many skills. We mostly localize/create from a scratch text and visual content in Russian and Ukrainian. Hot fact: It is exactly this audience which in 2017 helped to raise $310 million on ICO (3rd result right after native English and Chinese speakers). You’ve planned ICO? Don’t forget about CIS-region! Those guys do have money, really.
We will also help to solve a problem of localizing IT-startups, which are entering this market beyond blockchain.
Our portfolio consists of two dozen projects, that in total collected over $20 million. Send us a message to find out more details.
If you need quality localization brought by people with an experience in the crypto-industry you came to the right place!