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  • Vestarin

    Vestarin — Marketplace of goods and services for cryptocurrency (

  • Unolabo

    UNOLABO SKILLMARKET — Global Marketplace for Your Skills (

  • Sp8De

    Sp8De — blockchain-based platform capable of supplying unbiased public randomness for developing and running distributed casino applications (

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Yahoo Finance. Vestarin: Project of the Future — Identifying the Best Cyptocurrency Trends

Germany has legalized cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, and its users are not taxed. This is an important precedent for the world as this decision was given by the largest EU economy. Previously, Japan, Belarus, and other countries had ...

The Merkle. For the First Time Vestarin Project Presented Screenshots of its Desktop Application

Vestarin project, developing the multifunctional platform for integration of cryptocurrencies into business, presented the application for iOS-based gadgets. Meanwhile new options of design for the desktop version which hasn’t been presented yet ...

Buzcoin-Golos. Реальные истории успеха: крипто-миллионеры – кто они?

Блокчейн, криптовалюты, биткоин – наверное, только в самом глухом медвежьем углу никто не слышал этих слов. Новая технология, новая цифровая экономика и новые способы заработка наделали очень много шума… И дали миру целую плеяду богачей нового ...

AdHive-Medium. AdHive has Successfully Passed the Reliability Test by Alexey Krol

Lots of projects enter the ICO. Some of them collect millions for their development. However, startups are more and more often given the “scam” label in this environment. The reason lies within problems experienced by the team after successful ...

Efir-Деловое обозрение. О чем говорят блогеры: Путин, мат и деньги

В рамках одного из подпроектов была собрана база популярных слов (лексем), которые употребляли блогеры рунета в своих последних 10 роликах. В тестовую выборку вошли 785 блогеров разного уровня – почти все русскоговорящие блогеры, ...

Buzcoin-Steemit.Crypto market is growing, seize the moment!

Last months appeared to be difficult for the cryptocurrency market. The unstable courses and trends, mostly, descending. But now, it seems to be possible to speak about the change of an environment! The distinct ascending trend is visible, so it ...

CryCash-FB. CryCash brings cybersport to the new level: would you like to be part of the revolution of gamers?

We are constantly hearing about the multimillion transfers in the soccer industry, but very few people know that these traditions have also reached cybersport. The price of this question is very high, for example, the Chinese gamer Jean Ning has ...

Unolabo-Medium. Unolabo Skillmarket is the potential and perspective of the Asian labor market

Today we want to highlight the regions in which the Unolabo team sees the greatest perspective for implementation of our Skillmarket concept. Where on the earth there is a great potential for the development of the digital labor market and what ...

Multibot-FB. Have you already bought the Multibot project tokens? The ICO completion is just around the corner, so hurry up!

We are reminding that our ICO is coming close to its end, and the token sale finishes this week already! Let’s recall the fact, that we have already collected soft cap, it means our project will definitely launch — it is already ...

Buzcoin-Голос. BUZAR и модель «приложение в приложении»

Функционал BUZAR обширен и разнообразен. Сегодня мы хотим рассказать Вам о модели «приложение в приложении», которая будет одной из ключевых схем нашей площадки. После запуска платформы BUZAR, компании получат возможность интегрировать в нее ...


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